Apr 122011

NL3Randomizer is a random patch (sound) generator for the Nord Lead 3 synthesizer from Clavia.

  • It was written by Jonathan Mérel.
  • It runs on Microsoft Windows.
  • It will only work on a Nord Lead 3 and requires the last OS (1.20).

MAC users: Adam Watson made a similar program for OSX: https://blog.atombang.com/?p=72

Here are some sound samples that emerged from the almost infinite number of random combinations:
Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

Sample 4:

Screenshot from the NL3Randomizer program


Download program and source code (200 KB – zip file)


The Receive button read the currently active slot from Nord Lead the stored memory. You must save (store) the patch, and then send it with the “Dump one” button.

The Randomize button modifies each of the 234 parameters. The random function is either pure random or use a normal distribution around a zero value depending on the parameter type. This button does not send the result to the Nord Lead. The morph groups are also randomized so there may be surprises when using the wheel, after touch, velocity, etc.

The Send button send the displayed patch into the currently active slot it does not automatically save the patch. It will not overwrite the slot in memory.

The Randomize and Send button (aka “THE button”) is the same as pressing on Randomize then pressing on Send.

As pure random may lead to inaudible result, you may need to change some parameters before any sound goes out from some patch.


I release NL3Randomizer as open source. The complete source code is available with the executable file. The NL3Patch class is written in C++ and may be extended into a full patch editor. The user interface is written with MFC (I hate MFC but the runtime is only 200KB). There is no specific license so you can reuse the code for anything; I only require my name in your credits.

Of course, I am not responsible if while using this program your synthesizer catch fire or if your computer suddenly develop killing compulsion disorder…

If you have any user patch, it would be wise to backup them with the Nord Sound Manager available from Clavia before using NL3Randomizer.

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